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Address: district of nantong in jiangsu province ping Heidi east industrial park road no. 2
Zip code:226361

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      Nantong kaidi automatic machinery co., LTD., founded in 1999, is Nantong kaidi automatic machinery co., LTD., founded in 1999, is a precision coating equipment, drying equipment and waste incineration of dipping the professional company of energy conservation and environmental protection equipment manufacturing and automation control, in 2012 was identified as high-tech enterprises in jiangsu province.
Company always follow the spirit of "enterprising truth-seeking, innovative" stiff rapid development, in order to "create kaidi national brand, achievements kaidi world quality" as the goal of enterprise, actively carry out a wide range of foreign exchange and cooperation. Established a good reputation both at home and abroad, by the broad masses of customer recognition.
Kaidi company technical force is abundant, with automatic machinery research and development center. Has a group of mechanical engineering master's and undergraduate, special contribution by the industry technical experts as a technology leader, responsible for enterprise product development, technical service and technical support.
In 2003 the company set up a computer center, in the research and development of product design and the application of advanced computer technology, product design parameters optimization.
Katie in recent years, constantly introducing precision CNC machining center, turning center, CNC machining center, high-precision super wide surface grinding machine, high precision cylindrical grinding machine, balance machine, CNC boring and milling center, CNC turret punching, precision CNC bending machine, shearing machine, edm, fine plasma cutting and other advanced equipment, make the products reach the elaboration parts processing. With sand workshop, electrostatic powder coating workshop, make the product look more beautiful.
In 2002 the company successively passed the ISO9001 quality assurance system certification, ISO14001 environment system certification and strictly carry out, in 2004 began to implement 5 s management. Bidding for the multiple product patent, obtain government awards for many times.
Kaidi company in production management using MRP lots logistics requirements planning management system, to meet user needs as the center, in the sales contract management, USES the "contract management system", to every single input computer contract for the management and control.
Provide a good pre-sale technical support, strengthen the sale of the contract management and control, perfect after-sales service and security work, is nantong kaidi automatic machinery co., LTD always adhere to the marketing strategy.
Based on the revitalization of national brand of nantong kaidi automatic machinery co., LTD. Is its solid steps towards a new brilliance.